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Electrical Machines, Dry electric transformers, Electromechanical regulators, Electric windings, Electromechanical stabilizers, Test machine, Special electrical machine, Special electrical machine, Electronic stabilizers, Renewable Energy System, Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Thermal Systems, Electrical Installations, Air Conditioning Installations, Intrusion Detection Systems, Video Monitoring Systems, Wooden Houses, ...

    • Photovoltaic systems with high energy savings
    • Civil and Industrial Electrical Installations
    • Air conditioning and climatization
    • Video surveillance and alarm system
    • Transformers in the air phase
    • Special test bench
    • Three-phase transformer for electric welders
    • Single-phase transformers to coat various sizes
    • Industrial Photovoltaic Systems


ELECTRICAL MACHINES: Transformers, Regulators, Wraps, Stabilizers, Testing Bench, Special Electrical Machines...

Electric Transformers, Voltage Regulators, Electrical Equipment, Testing Bench, Surge Suppressors, Automation Systems, etc...


RENEWABLE ENERGY: Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Electric and Air Conditioning System, Wooden Houses...

Ecoenergie design and installs photovoltaic systems and solar thermal systems, providing assistance use and to obtain incentives ...