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Who we are


During it's few years of activity, Ecoenergie has developed its technological skills by constructing its own products and always putting quality first. This latter characteristic has allowed it to increase its market share continuously.

The highly specialised personnel has built up its experience within the company.

Design of the machinery is made possible using a technical office with a software system for the calculation of the electrical machines and a data automation system for the mechanical parts. The company uses a test room studied specially ny its own technicians to test the products (the test benches and test rooms are actually part of production).

Azienda Chi siamo

Since its incorporation, Ecoenergie Srl has embraced a policy of quality which has allowed it to built up its current customer portfolio and obtain the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Its products include transformers with natural air cooling with natural air cooling systems from 50 VA to 10 MVA, transformers with oil cooling systems up to 30 MVA, transformers for welding machines, reactors and transformers in resin for which the related plant are currently under construction.

The company also produces voltage regulators with natural air and cooling systems, electromechanical and electronic tension stabilisers, equipment for the testing of the passage and contact, systems for strenght tests of up to 100 kV and testing systems up to 300kV, equipment for testing for the manufacturers and repairers of motors and electric transformers and for the testing of many other products.

Ecoenergie Srl mostly works on a contact basis where quality is not an afterthought but the result of a precise know-how which guarantees the certainty of a product that has been completely tested.


Its products are the most specialist and developed on the market.

Customer that choose Ecoenergie are sure that their requirements will be met.


Since 2000 Ecoenergie has been producing transformers for welding machines and small-sidez transformers. Tanks to the know-how and familiarity with the sector of the founding partners - who have been operating in the sector for more than 30 years - Ecoenergie is also moving in new directions: large sized transformers, voltage regulators and special electric equipments.

A dedicated structure, designs builds and markets the products, provides rapid response assistance, service and help for customers.

Ecoenergie Srl